Need to de-clutter?



 When i'm invited over to someones home and asked to help sell their home, I always give some advise and what they can do to make their home more SELLable.  The most common advise I give is to declutter, paint, and new flooring.  The CHEAPEST of the 3 is to declutter.  

Where should all that stuff go?  

Well!  If your really committed to selling, then you are ALL IN.  Time to start packing because OF COURSE your going to sell!  

So START PACKING!  Take advantage of this PERFECT time to get rid of things you really don't need, those things you really don't use.  With so many people out in this world lacking, surely there is some organization or charity that will view your left overs as treasures.  Here are some ideas to get rid of all that STUFF!